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You all hear me talk about implant-grade body jewellery, and how not all pieces of jewellery are made equally. I also talk a lot about surface finish and mirror polish (and sometimes my portfolio photos have me or my camera reflected in the jewellery!). However, it can be really difficult at first glance to see the difference between a $2 piece of jewellery or a $100 one, and that can be confusing! Here is a fabulous example showing the difference between high polish, implant grade body jewellery and the lower quality pieces of jewellery. Photo credit to Ashley Misako and Rob Hill, and, of course, to the Association of Professional Piercers !

Make. This. Viral. 
If you have any sort of interest in body piercing, spread this information! This is a great visual between a high quality internally threaded piece of jewelry vs a low quality externally threaded piece of jewelry. Please do your research before getting pierced!


From comoxstoner's instagram ♥
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Lol passive aggressive statuses are hilarious

Taking to tumblr cause this bitch is on my fb and twitter and I’m not petty enough to retaliate.

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do people really still say me gusta


im pretty sure every single spanish speaking person does

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